Last Update: june 3rd 2019


My name is Olaf. Mid 2017 I decided to build my own plane. At first I was looking for plans to build a Stephen's Acro but in the end I came up with plans for a Laser Z-2300, wich I purchased at a canadian supplier.

Ever since I like the properties and paint scheme of Wayne Handley's Raven, wich is a Laser Z-2300 with carbonfiber wings. My Laser will be build with the wooden wing and the fuselage shell will be made of composites, similar to Wayne Handley's Raven.

A major goal is the use of a 3D-CAD System to generate data for a cnc-mill.  That gives the possibility to cut/mill any part, make molds and build any required jig . You will find more regarding this topic here.